Binifield is both rich in beauty and history. Come back in time with us and enjoy the wonders of time gone by.

We are continually researching, providing facts as we find them and building the story of Binfield.

The name Binfield derives from the coarse grass in the clearing or 'feld' where the village was first discovered within Windsor Forest. Many years ago, Windsor forest was divided into 16 Walkes, The Binfelde Walke was mentioned in the 16th century under Sir Henry Neville, the keeper, who lived at Billingbear. Even though things have changed over the years, Binfield still remains rural, surrounded by beautiful farmland and our golf course (Blue Mountain).

Binfield runs along a ridge that is 260 ft above sea level. To the north is the old parish church of All Saints, across to the south is Amen Corner, which was said to have been named after the congregations of a Dissenting Chapel, built in 1875. The congregations used to say to each other upon leaving it "God be with you, Amen".

We wish to thank those people who have been kind enough to allow us to use their research and photographs, and ask that you respect their work by not using it for any further form of publication without their permission.

Within living memory…

Residents of each of the parishes and towns within the Borough of Bracknell Forest are being invited to tell their stories to help build an archive of oral histories. This will give a picture of the past and chart the history of the area.

This is a £50,000 project funded by the Heritage Lottery fund and will bring together the memories and oral histories of local people - their thoughts, feelings, reminiscences of bygone days.

We hope that when this project is completed it will form a valuable local history resource and will provide real life stories of living in the area.

Do you have memories of living in Binfield or somewhere else in the Borough. For example, do you remember growing up during the Second World War in Binfield, or maybe you worked in the brickworks? Were you involved in farming, or maybe you ran or belonged to, a club? We would love to hear your stories about life in Binfield, both from the distant past and more recent memories. There is also the opportunity for history buffs to volunteer on this project and help with collecting oral histories.

If you would like to get involved, or would like more information then contact Agostina Hawkins, Heritage Officer, by calling 01344 351754, or email

Alternatively you can write to Bracknell Forest Borough Council. Leisure Services, Time Square, Market Street, Bracknell RG12 1LR.


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