The information on this page is far from complete, we continue to research the history of Binfield and will publish our findings as we collect the facts.


1900 The Early Years


  • The village nurse would travel around on her bicycle to see the village people
  • The local policeman would travel on his bicycle and would often be seen
  • The butcher was also the milkman
  • The baker called daily to each house
  • The muffin man called once a week
  • The chimney sweep would call as and when required to clean chimneys
  • The fishmonger from Wokingham would call
  • The barber would make house visits
  • A pony and trap containing a variety of different sized shoes would call, taking away any pairs of shoes to be repaired
  • The clockmaster called once a week to wind clocks, particularly the church clock and would carry out any repairs
  • There would be a soup kitchen set up twice a week, this was situated where the house called "Green Gates" is today
  • Laundry would be collected on a regular basis
  • There was a little drapers shop apposite where Lloyds chemist is now, there was also a little china shop

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Main Employers

  • Binfield Park - Mrs Vlasto who had in the region of 30 servants.

  • Racing Stables at Billingbear - Sir Robert Wilmot.

  • Binfield Brickyard - George Green who owned about 16 horses and carts and did all the work from the brickyard. Also for Bracknell District Council.

  • Local corn and Coal Merchant - Mr Minchin who owned about 9 horses. (The coal yard was situated where Emmets Nest is today)

    The Minchin Brothers, Saratoga, Terrace Road, Binfield
  • Animal feed and coal merchant, brick and tile manufacturer. Last century until 1950, then land brickworks, bricklaying contractors. PM1888, 1904-05, 1921-27, 1929-30, 1935-39, 1945, KD1887-1939.

    (Mrs Henry Coote, Hazel Cottage, Forest Road - Carman (ie carrier) coal director, coal merchant KD1883-1887. Mrs Emma Coote KD1891-99. Harry Coote KD1903-1920. Henry Coote 1931-80. Later A M Coote. Later Tyne Main Coal, then a development of houses. In the last century clay pit kiln, R T Fielder c 1854 and later Minchins made bricks there. KD1915, 1920, 1935, 1939 BLIBLCH Rcpt1937.)

  • (The horses who pulled the carts worked very hard, their shoes had to be changed often, and the blacksmith had problems trying to find places on their feet to put the nails. They had pads put between the shoe and hoof to protect them from the hard roads, and in snowy conditions had studs screwed into their hooves to stop them slipping.)

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Early Carnival:

During the years between the wars, there was a hugh flower show and sports day held annually. This huge event was held on the ground where Knox Green is today. Later, of course, it moved to the Cricket Ground on the Forest Road. The teams came from places like Reading and Maidenhead to take part in such games as tug of war and athletic sports. The gardeners from the large houses in the village would come and show off their flowers and vegetables. There would always be a hugh funfair and a band and at the end of the day, every one would go to the Memorial Hall for a dance, often flowing out onto the street.

Binfield Memorial Hall:

The hall was erected by public subscription and opened in 1920, later modernised and enlaged in 1970. Today it is still used for functions, dances and parties, also for the local guide and brownie groups See Memorial Hall History>>.

Binfield Working Men's Club:

This club has been active since 1906 and is still used, the major change being that women frequent it too. See club history>>

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Village Shops and Trades

John Jones, Forest Road

Butcher and dairyman 1887, 1891, 1895, 1899
Family butcher
Pork butcher
Dairyman and poulterer
'Pure milk, cream, butter, fresh eggs' 1898-1920
'Goaty' 1896, the milkman VMW
Farmer 1903 and 1907
Became Collins & Son Ltd, Feb. 1905PM 'late John Jones' then John H Collins, 1915
Emmets Nest, census 1881, PM1888, 1898, 1902-05, KD1883, 1887, 1891, 1895, 1903, 1907, 1911, 1920.


Charles Munday's Boot Shop 1920

KD1899, 1903, 1920, PM1905, 1921-27, 1929, 1930, 1935-40, 1945, 1948






The Corner Shop

2 Terrace Road
Newsagents, confectioners, tobacconist, stationers.
Burch PM1899-1900

Possibly Binfield South Post Office
Mrs Elizabeth Lawler, Shopkeeper KD1887, 1891, 1895, 1899, 1903, Post Office 1903/4(a daughter of hers was Miss I Lawler)
Miss I Lawler later Mrs I North, Postmistress KD1907.

The Post Office

Miss Emery - Draper
Opposite Timms garage, now Lloyds Chemist, Terrace Road South.
c1896 VMW.

Forest Road Gardens??
Manager Miss F M Cooper FRHS
Cut flowers, plants, bulbs, vegetables, tomatoes 1901
Became Manor Gardens PM1948
Wyevale (no confirmation)
PM1901 (lately Miss Mitchell)
PM Apr 1902, PM1948 SM)

Edwin Giles
Baker and Grocer
1887-1903, census 1881
Mrs Sophia Giles, Old Turnpike Road now London Road, Baker and grocer 1907
KD1887, 1891, 1895, 1903, 1907.

Green Gates - Soup Kitchen
Terrace Road North.
This was an outbuilding of Hunters Lodge, then called Hollycot before Green Gates was suilt, which is adjacent to Hunters Lodge. 1896 VMW, RM

John Jarvis, Forest Road. Established 1876 - Builder 1887, 1891, 1895, 1899.
Builder adn undertaker 'General repairs'. Carpenter master 1881. 1898-1907.
George Jarfvis 1903.
Alfred Jarvis, Forest Road - Builder Bra 318. 1911-1939.
PMJan 1898, KD1883-1939, PM1921-27, 1929-30, 1935-36, 1938-40.
The Wooden Hut and subsequently Jamiesons on this site.

Kislingbury Bros.
Workshop on the site of Ashleigh, Terrace Road South.
Plumbers adn glaziers. KD1887-1895.

Little Pightle
Terrace Road North
Bakery with own ovens run by Wild, c 1888-1903.
Now a private house.

Popeswood Post Office
Popeswood Road (bend iin Popeswood Road, formerly Deadmans Lane)
Lewis Rogers - Baker and grocer KD1891, 1895, PM1888
Grocer baker, post office KD1899, 1903, 1907, 1911, 1920.
Baker KD1931, 1935, 1939.
Shop was formerly Post Office under Miss Wooldridge moved to present position in the London Road 1920s.
Building demolised now a private house.

Walter Benjamin Webster - The Apiary, Monks Alley
Assistant overseer, apiarist and beekeeping appliance manufacturer 1898-1920. Also Clerk to the Parish Council. Shop where rates and taxes were paid (VMW1976). KD1898-1920, PM1888).
Expert (1st class) British Bee-keepers' Association.
Author of "Seasonable notes on Bee-keeping" and "The Book of Bee-keeping". Lectures given and papers read on Apiculture.
Bees, honey, hives.
Appliances, pure British honey and wax. PM1888.

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Village Schools

St Mark' Primary School 1915
All Saint's C of E Primary School
St Mark's Primary School 1915 with Teacher Mrs Baker
A Fancy Dress Party at Binfield School - 1908

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The Public Houses and Connected Tradesmen

The Royal Standard

Rowland Thomas Fielder
Oak Cottage, Angels Cross Road
Tailor PD1842. Brickmaker and tailor. KD1850, 1854, census 1841.
Royal Standard, brickmaker and tailor KA1861.
He was also landlord of the Royal Standard Public House, 1854-69. The brickworks were at the back of the Royal Standard. Local bricks exist with the initials RTF. The brickworks were taken over by the Minchin family, subsequently became Coote's coalyard and now houses built on the site. KA1861-69, KA1861.

Shoulder of Mutton, Amen Corner
At one time situated on the Shoulder of Mutton Hill. Pulled down at the end of the last century to make way for The Travel Lodge. Traffic lights stand on the corner, now a busy crossroads.

George Ockley
Shoulder of Mutton. Carpenter. Census 1841.

George White - Shoulder of Mutton - Journeyman baker. Census 1841.

The Beehive
Situated in Beehive Lane (Amen Corner). Prior to being a public house around 1854 was a beer retailer's shop (again called the Beehive). The road Beehive Road was said to derive from the shape of the former brick kilns alongside; however beehive kilns were not introduced until the 1930'2. The Beehive (house) is a more likely origin.

Arthur Corneby, Also a grocer KD1887

The Jack O' Newbury, Terrace Road North
Charles Scott Barker
Terrace Road North
Omnibus and fly proprietor
KD1883-1911, PM1898-1903

The Victoria Arms, The Terrace
Benjamin Green, Boot and shoe maker 1842, 1847. Beer retailer, boot and shoemaker 1854, 1861.
Later Queens Arms, renamed as Victoria Arms PD1842, KD1847, KA1861, census 1841.
Benjamin J Green (son of above) - Victoria Arms, The Terrace. Builder and publican, census 1881.
Painter, glazier, paperhanger, writer, grainer, house decorator 1895-1911. PMJan 1898, KD1895-1911.

The Roebuck Public House
John William Green & Sons, Carpenters.
Roebuck PH 1887, 1891, 1897. KD1887-1903, census 1881

George Webb
Roebuck Beer House, St Marks Road.
Carpenter and retailer of beer. Census 1841, PD1842.

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The People who lived here

Jack Barker lived in a house along the Forest Road with his wife. He worked as a fireman, pictured below with the Bracknell, Hartney Witney and Wokingham Fire Brigades at Eversley Cross, August 24th 1936. His family date back over generations living in Binfield, earliest records suggest early 1700's. (see also Ancestry Search).

Jack Barker - 1936 (kindly donated by Michael Baker 2003)

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1900 The War Years

The Bombing

On October 4th 1940, German planes flew low almost directly over the school. A minute later a bomb exploded in Victoria Place, Terrace Road, Binfield.





Village Shops and Trades

The Garage, Terrace Road, Binfield. A. W. Carpenter (Motor & Motor Cycles).





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1900 The Later Years

Village Shops and Trades

The Garage, Terrace Road, Binfield. A. W. Carpenter (Motor & Motor Cycles). Rolls Royce and Saloon always available for Weddings, Partieis and Private Hire. Phone Bracknell 159.

Situated where Lloyds Chemist is today.


Post Office on the Terrace Road





Buddington the Butcher on the Terrace Road





Binfield Local Village Store on the Terrace Road




Corner Shop - Newsagent 1985.





Underwoods at Amen Corner. Now Amen Music.






British Legion Club, Binfield Branch and Scout Hut, Terrace Road 1985.
Still used today by the Scouts, but the British Legion now use the Binfield Club as their base.





Binfield Carnival

Taken from the Second Annual Binfield Carnival - 1952.

Second Annual

President :
A G Skedgel Esq
Chairman :
Mr W H Westlake
Vice-Chairman :

Treasurer :

Press Representative :

Secretary :
7 Council Houses, Binfield Road, Bracknell


Mesdames M A BARRETT Mesdames A M OLIVER
  F HALL    
Carnival Day Programme for 1952
8 am

Rag Collectors assemble at Carnival Field

11.30am Pony Gymkhana in field adjoining the Carnival Ground, by kind permission of JA Clarke, Esq.
12.30pm The President will release the first balloon.
1.30pm The Crowning of the Carnival Queen on the Carnival Field.
2pm Opening of the Fun Fair by the Carnival Queen.
2.30pm Children's Sports commence.
3pm Dancing Display by the Le Roy School of Dancing.
3.30pm Billy Bennett's Punch and Judy Show. Preliminary Rounds of Tug-o-War Contest.
4pm Judging of the Children's Fancy Dress Costumes
4.30pm The Mystery Man arrives at the Carnival Field.
4.45pm Second Performance of Punch and July Show.
5.15pm All vehicles and entries for the Procession to be in position at Popeswood Corner.
5.30pm Judging of Procession Entries. GRAND CARNIVAL PROCESSION WILL MOVE OFF ON ITS ROUTE. Finals of the Tug-o-War Contest.
7.30pm Prize distribution on the Carnival Field and competition results will be announced.
8pm Impromptu Concert on the Village Green.
8pm to Midnight GRAND CARNIVAL BALL in the Memorial Hall. The Carnival Queen will be in attendance.
N.B. - Any changes in the Programme will be announced by the Public Address equipment which will be operating on the Carnival Ground all day.

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A Historical Account

I was born in 1951 at Woodside, Maidenhead Road, next to Targets Farm, near the Warren House

Targets Farm - down Forest Road to Warren House Crossroads, turn right at 'Changa Service Station' as it was then. First house is the new farmhouse that Mr & Mrs Burrows senior had built when they handed the farm over to their sons John and Gerald, next is 'Winset', owned by the Burrows, who rented it to my grandfather, George Baxter after he was dismissed by Sir Alfred Knox. My grandfather suffered a hernia and was given one weeks notice by Sir Alfred as 'You are no use to me now, Baxter if you can't work'. My grandfather had to quit The Lodge in this notice period. It changed his political views overnight! I recall that for some time Binfield House was used by the local council as a retirement home and we took my grandfather up to see the gardens that he had laid out (not in such a good state then). He said 'Well you old bu**er Sir Alfred, just see who is living in your precious house now'.

After that is the entrance to the farm, an Elizabethan Farmhouse. Margaret Burrows (nee Green - the Greens were tradespersons from Bracknell) lives there, following the death of Gerald in 1999. Her son Bruce (my playmate in the 1950's) lives in a mobile home on the farm (he did last time I visited) as due to planning restrictions he could not build a house there. He is an Agricultural Contractor. His sister Jane lives in the Caribbean, having married a man who whilst at Reading University was working during his vacations on the M329 construction. I remember Gerald saying that the first time Jane brought him home he stayed nervously outside whilst Jane told her parents. Gerald looked out and said 'at first I couldn't see him in the dark until he smiled' - not very politically correct, I suppose, but from someone who only left the farm to go to London to collect the 'pig-swill' ingredients from London hotels, understandable! Haven't heard from Jane for a while, but last time I heard she had many children and was very comfortable. Her husband's family include politicians,government officials and wealthy businessmen out there. Gerald and Margaret had a third child, much later, Mark Anthony Burrows, who last time I visited was still living at home.

After the farm is Woodside, the bungalow where I was born. This was also owned by the farm, but was sold in the 1950's.

My parents split up in the 1950's, my mother moving to Worthing with me in 1956, and my father, Frank Lee, previously teaching at Ascot Heath (travelling there and back on an Auto-bike) buying a flat in Bracknell, where he was Headmaster of Priestwood County Primary School. He subsequently remarried and moved to Sussex, where he lectured in Education at the University, before a move to the Isle of Wight as Director of Education. He retired in the 1970's and still lives on the island with his second wife.

Whilst living with my mother and grandparents at Winset, I remember getting on my blue and white 'Triang' trike and pedalling down to see my father at Woodside. No traffic on the roads then, but the trouble I got into for that! I also remember my father and his ex bomber pilot friends flying Tiger Moths from White Waltham upside down over the fields next to Woodside and causing hysteria to my mother (and her flocks of geese and chickens).

Adrian Lee

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  NB. This list has been compiled from the above sources. It does not mean that the businesses did not exist outside these dates, only that there is factual evidence for these dates.

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Many thanks to the people and organisations of Binfield who contributed information, in particular Binfield Library and Robin Mosses. Binfield Library hold a huge amount of historical information for reference purposes which is openly available to the public.

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