The Royal Naval Association The Hunger Site

No. 6 AREA
Patron: Her Majesty The Queen Hon.

Secretary: Alan Ringshall, 38 Red Rose
Binfield, Berkshire RG42 5LD
Tel: 01344-640983
Mobile: 0794-1787885

On Sunday 9th February 1997, the Bracknell Branch of the Royal Naval Association was commissioned at the Royal British Legion in Bracknell.

The 7 Founder member on that Special day; Irene Bristoe - Bill Holliday - Martin Lawes - Terry Joiner - Bob Pitman - Bob Privett - Alan Ringshall

Sadly, we have since lost Shipmate Bob Pitman when he crossed the bar later in our first year of this commission.

The Branch moved from Bracknell over to the Binfield Club in Binfield village in May 1999. We have been made welcome by all at the club, local Royal British Legion and also the village here.

We have thrown some real good parties, and will always be remembered for our first Birthday party held at the Royal British Legion in Bracknell, by all (even the gate crashers, and yes, there were many who just wished to celebrate 'Navy' style) and we have continued with much the same on functions, that have ensured a Unity, Comradeship, Patriotism and of course, Loyalty as friends, but also as members of the Royal Naval Association.

We have seen some members leave for their own reasons, and also those new that are joining a young and renewed Branch of the Royal Naval Association and who are determined to go from strength to strength.

If you are interested in our association and require further information on membership, either full for ex Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Wrens and Queen Alexander Nursing Service or Associate for those that hold sympathy towards these service organisations, then I can be contacted at any of the above to assist.

Alan Ringshall

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Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Multiple Sclerosis Society is a registered charity having been established for over 40 years with its Headquarters in London. The Society has more than 360 Branches throughout the country which are responsible for the members within its area. These Branches are all run by volunteers, raising their own funds and helping with the social, welfare and counselling needs of the M.S. sufferers and their families.

Windsor Forest, Bracknell & District is the local Branch and they have over 100 M.S. and non M.S. members. They run monthly meetings, coffee mornings, outings, physiotherapy sessions and talks. They also do a certain amount of their own fund raising such as Flag Days and store collections to raise money for their work, to be able to give welfare grants to their members and to donate money towards research.

If you would like any information or wish to join the Branch, contact one of the people below. They welcome along any new members, carers or relations to their regular monthly meetings which are held very informally at 8.00pm on the second Tuesday of every month at Barnett Court, Larges Lane, Bracknell (near the Meteorological Office). Alternatively there is a 24hr counselling service available on 020 8422 2144 or a general M.S. Helpline on 0808 800 8000 (Mon - Fri, 9 - 9) both of which are sponsored by the Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Carol Dann (Welfare)
47 Ennerdale
Berkshire RG12 7RU

Tel: 01344 457380

Helen Savage (Secretary)
4 Parkham
St Marks Road
Berkshire RG42 4BA

Tel: 01344 302438

For a more general picture of the MS Society
click here:

or visit "World of MS"
Binfield Community Link Binfield

Community Link is a voluntary organisation to provide help and advice for the village. A great deal of help is, of course is already given by relatives, friends, various organisations and local authorities. Our aim is to act as a link between the assistance that already exists and the people who need it. We will also provide extra help, in a neighbourly way, when this is required.

We can help if:
YOU need to know where to get advice.
YOU need transport, which is not provided by the local authority to get you to hospitals, clinics, etc through our Driving Scheme.
YOU are new to the village and/or would like to meet people.
YOU would like informatlion about local clubs, organisations, leisure facilities, etc.

Driving Scheme
We are always grateful for help with the Driving Scheme on an occasional basis, once or twice a month or at your convenience - and a mileage allowance is paid to drivers. For further information, contact the Secretary or Binfield Surgery.

Coffee Mornings:
These are held every 3rd Wednesday of each month, at 10.30am at Binfield House, Terrace Road North (near the surgery). All are welcome.

Please contact the Chairman. Chairman: Mrs J Stealey Tel. 01344 547735 Secretary: Mr D Fawcett Tel. 01344 422495 email:

The Almshouse Association Other Charity Links:

Billingbear Lodge, Carters Hill, Wokingham, Berks. RG40 5RU
Tel: 01344 452922 Fax: 01344 862062

Almshouses are dwellings provided by a benefactor in perptuity for people in need and administered by a body of local, voluntary trustees. Most almshouses have been endowed for older people living in a specified geographical area or connected with a particular trade.

Mission Statement:

The primary objective of the Association is to assist Trustees:

. to preserve the historic tradition of almshouses
. to promote the welfare and independence of residents
. to provide good quality housing for needy people
. to manage charitable resources as effectively as possible in the context of changing social and financial conditions

Poppy Appeal

National Society for Epilepsy

The Society's main objectives include research, assesment and treatment, respite care and outpatient services for people with epilepsy. It also aims to promote understanding of the condition.

Its pre-eminence in research means that NSE members receive the latest news in treatment breakthroughs. The Society has an information and education service with a telephone helpline available to the public.

The society also runs supported housing projects, a rehabilitation service, sheltered workshops, residential care and respite care. It also provides training for professionals involved in the care of people with epilepsy, awareness seminars for carers, and a range of specialist training events for doctors and other health professionals.

There is a range of literature available for both professionals and the public. For example,

  • "Epilepsy" - is a practical guide explaining the causes and effects of the condition allowing people to manage their everyday lives with more confidence.
  • National Society for Epilepsy Video
  • Putting You in the Picture - An information pack about epilepsy (Video and Booklet) 1992 14.99 Available from the National Society of Epilepsy

Contact Helpline tel: 01494 601400


Chalfont St Peter
Gerrards Cross
Buckinghamshire SL9 ORJ

Admin tel: 01494 601300
Admin fax: 01494 871927

No information about branch as yet, Binfield OnLine are researching this at present.


STEP Forward is a new ESF funded Project supported by Bracknell Forest Lifelong Learning Partnership, Bracknell Forest Borough Council, Bracknell and Wokingham College, and Mind in Bracknell that supports individuals with mental health needs in the Bracknell Forest area to take steps towards retraining and returning to work.

With the bid being granted in March of this year, we are now, 5 months on, offering a fully integrated employment support service to people with mental health needs in the Bracknell Forest area. We have a newly renovated office space in Charles Square, in the centre of Bracknell, with a bright and welcoming shop front - our aim is to raise the general public's awareness of their own mental health needs in the workplace as well as providing ongoing developmental support to individuals in need.

We can offer a wide range of learning, development and support opportunities including individual assessment, work preparation course, the Linkway Programme (offering courses developed specifically to support those with mental health needs to gain confidence with learning) which will start at the end of September, real work through Social Enterprises, work experience, peer support meetings and dinners, volunteering, work place assessment and job coaching, benefits information advice and guidance, and ongoing support once placement in work has been achieved.

We have a committed staff team of 9, including Employment Brokers (working with individuals to help them move in to work), a Social Enterprise Project Officer (developing real work opportunities through the development of small, viable social businesses), and Employer Liaison Worker (working with local employers to reduce stigma and discrimination with regards to mental health in the workplace), and James Aylwin Mentors (offering ongoing support to individuals as they take new steps towards work).

We can take confidential referrals from mental health practitioners, on behalf of individuals but also offer people the opportunity to self refer into the STEP Forward project.

We are confident that over the next 2 years we will be able to provide training and steps towards employment to over 400 individuals with mental health needs in the Bracknell Forest area, and we look forward to raising the funding to ensure that this project can become a permanent support service for individuals with mental health needs.

For more information please call the STEP forward team on 01344 860660 - we will be happy to send you an information pack.

Recently set up in Bracknell. The group have regular meetings, but as yet do not have a permanent base. If you are interested in meeting with them or just require information, contact Gilllian on 01344 429251.

Gingerbread isthe leading support organisation for lone parent families in England and Wales. Gingerbread was started in 1970 and is a registered charity maintained by lone parents. Main site

The Great Hollands Breastfeeding Support Centre will be opening in January offering support and information about breastfeeding to local mums in Bracknell. The Finchampstead Breastfeeding Support Centre has been open for over 3 years and women come to the centre for a number of reasons, some come before their baby is born to find out a bit more about breastfeeding, others need some support through the early days. We also cover a whole variety of situations from thrush and mastitis to general topics including sleep, weaning and going back to work.

We also have a phoneline which we call Supporterline, the number is 0870 900 8787 and it is open from 9.30am till 9.30 pm every day of the week all through the year. Supporterline connects callers to their nearest Breastfeeding Supporters, at any time there are 3 Supporters linked onto the Supporterline number, covering this area, giving callers a good chance of getting help straight away.

If you are interested in finding out about the new Great Hollands Centre come along on Wednesdays between 12.30 and 2.30pm (from January 15th) to the Health Centre, Great Hollands Square, Bracknell. We'll provide a drink and if you like you can bring a sandwich. For more details give Supporterline a call.

Finchampstead Centre runs Tuesdays between 12.30 and 2pm at St James' Church Centre, Church Lane, Finchampstead.

There is also a website for the Breastfeeding Network

To find your nearest Breastfeeding Supporter call the Supporterline 0870 900 8787
calls charged at national rat

We have a large selection of toys suitable for children from birth up to 12 years of age, which may be borrowed for up to 4 weeks at a time for a modest charge.

We are open every Saturday except Bank Holiday weekends 10:00am to 12 noon.


We are located within the Bracknell Voluntary Services Groups Centre. Adjacent to the Bracknell Town Library is a small parade of shops, the end one of which is occupied by the BCVS. The entrance to the Toy Library is at the back of these premises in Service Yard B. Service Yard B is clearly signposted from the Ring. Parking in Service Yard B while using the Toy Library is FREE when displaying one of our parking permits.

For further information please telephone: 07005 803382

Octopus Toy Lending Library 4/5 Town Square Bracknell Berkshire RG12 1AT