Binfield OnLine receive lots of requests for help in finding information of ancestors who were born, worked or buried in Binfield. In the past we have had one or two success stories where residents and friends of Binfield have been able to pass on valuable information enabling people to piece together parts of their family tree. If we can help you trace Ancestors in this way, please email us at

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Cotterell or Searle
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Cousins / Couzins

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Property Name: Looking for information on an old property

Allanbay / Binfield Lodge -WW2
April Cottage
Rathmore, Binfield Park

The Barker family

This is not so much a search for family history, but information provided by a descendent of the Barker family for reference. Naturally, if any residents or friends of Binfield do have any more information to add, it would be most appreciated.

The following information was submitted by Michael Barker outlining some of his family history......

Email from Michael Barker - 26.04.03
I came across your address on the Binfield website, which I did not know existed until just now. I live in Darlington, having moved away from Binfield when I went to University in 1972. If you visit All Saints Churchyard and the nearby Cemetary you will see many headstones with the name Barker - all my family, dating back several hundred years. Unfortunately many stones in the Graveyard are now worn away. My family lived in Binfield for hundreds of years - now there are none! I have a photo of pupils in the Village School (pre WW1) in fancy dress - featuring my grandfather.

I have a photo album with Victorian and Edwardian portraits of Barkers - unfortunately very few names are given. My family home has now gone - remembered only by its name in the road that replaced it - Minoru Close. Also gone is our blacksmiths building - replaced by a house now called 'The Old Smithy'.

Email from Chris Weber - 26.04.03
My wife passed your email on to me, and I was fascinated to read it. Her interest is in our village is partially influenced by the fact that I was born and brought up here. From my earliest years we lived next door to "Mr. and Mrs. Barker" at Erwarton, Forest Road (In those days children never presumed to call, or even know their elder's Christian names ) but I think Mr. Barkers name was Jack. My father still lives next door to the house, in "Hillcrest", and the property still belongs to nephew David ( I'm afraid I don't know David's surname, nor his his relationship to the family ) I always treasure the Barker's kindness to myself and my brothers, and remember well attending Mrs. Barker's funeral.

Email from Michael Barker - 27.04.03
Jack Barker was my great-uncle. His brother (William Skipper Barker) was my grandfather. He lived on Terrace Rd (Honeysuckle Cottage, it was called then). The old blacksmith's smithy was alongside Honeysuckle Cottage, and is no more. I have some pictures of Jack somewhere.

The first house we lived in was next door to Carpie's Garage and features in a couple of photos on your website. My parents rented it from my maiden great-aunt Fanny, who lived at Minoru, about 200m along Forest Rd from Erwarton towards the village centre. This was the house we moved to when she died.

The other house adjoining ours on Terrace Rd (they are called Fairview Cottages) was rented by my half-aunt and uncle and their girls. I haven't heard from them for many years.

Do you know Jack Futter - lives down the bottom of Rosehill. He may not still be alive, but he has a great collection of old photos of Binfield cricket club during the 50s and 60s. I called in on him a few years ago when I was in the village, and he showed them to me. He used to take me to Reading football matches when I was a kid.

Email from Michael Barker - 27.04.03
When you're looking around the Churchyard, look out for John (b1785) and Sarah Barker, died 1869 and 1855. I think these are the earliest you can read. There are older ones: must they have worn away. John and Sarah were my great-great-grandparents. I have never studied my family tree - I know this only from our family bible. Then came William (one of eight children - at least 5 of whom are in the cemetery). Then came another William, my grandfather. Then John, then me and my brother - and now another William! I also have a Prayer Book, in which is written the names of earlier Barkers in Binfield -presumably direct ancestors of mine. The earliest is Ezekiel, who had Elizabeth (b.1743), John (b.1745), Joel (b.1748), Richard (b.1750) and Sarah (b.1755). I might guess that Ezekiel was born about 1715, and is my great-great-great-great-grandfather.

John and Elizabeth Barker (great-great grandparents)

Email from Michael Barker - 17.05.03
Here are two photos. The first is apparently a fancy dress party at Binfield School. The date would have been a year or two either side of 1908. My grandfather, William Barker is the little chap in the middle, with the bagpipes. The second is the Bracknell, Hartney Witneyl and Wokingham Fire Brigades at Eversley Cross, August 24, 1936. Jack Barker is in the first standing row, wearing glasses.

Samples of mid-18th century doodlings by ordinary Binfield people.

Binfield or Binfield?

My name is John T. Binfield. I live in Largo, Florida. I have been to Binfield, Berkshire. It is a very nice little town. I have never lived there but have always wondered how we got our surname. Is it that we lived there at one time? Does anyone know? My Grandfather Arthur Binfield immigrated to the US in 1922 from Folkstone. He has deep roots there. His ancestor Ayliffe Binfield, Baptized 1774, Died 1848, of Folkstone was in the Royal Navy and married Sarah Woods. They had 17 children, 12 of which survived. The Nebraska Binfield's, Stephen Bartlett Binfield, were pioneers in Nebraska in the early 1870's. The New York Binfield's, were descended from Philip Upton Binfield. Stephen and Philip were brothers. Their father was Ayliffe. I would like to hear from any Binfield's in the UK or anywhere in the world who may think that they may be related to me.

Richard Henry and Sarah Ann Small

My name is anne matthews and my email addres is I was born and lived all my life in Australia. Tracing my famly tree I recently contacted a great uncle that I never knew I had. According to him my great grandfather ran and owned a Carriers business with lorries and horses and my great grandmother owned and ran a laundry with quite a number of women working for her, this was in the Binfield area around 1902. There names were Richard Henry Small and my great grandmothers maiden name was Sarah Ann Heath.

Apparently they were married in All Saints Church in Binfield Berkshire in 1902. I have no record of birth dates etc or the birth dates of the Six Children they had in the area before immigrating to Australia aboard the vessel Moravia. The Childrens names were May (one of twins ) the other died soon after birth, Frederick, Gladys ( MY grandmother) Albert, Ivy and Vera. any information you could possobly find for me would be invaluable as my great grand parents had two more children once arriving in Austrailia, one of whom is still living today. If any of the family still resides in the area I would be delighted to hear from them.

The Brewin Family

I would like to find out more about the family of Samuel Brewin who was head gamekeeper at Billingbear Park in 1901. The family's address is given on the 1901 census as Billingbear Lodge.

I am particularly interested in 2 of his daughters, Gladys (born 1889) and Kathleen (born 1896) who attended Newbury Girls' School.

I am researching a history of Newbury Girls School and Gladys was one of the first pupils at the school in 1904. She went on to gain a History degree at University College Reading and later went to teach in Australia. Her younger sister also studied at Reading, gained an MA and went to work in the British Museum.

I am intrigued that the daughters of a gamekeeper would have had such educational opportunities at such an early date. Can any of local historians throw any light on this for me?

Val Pollitt

George & Caroline Lake - Glenark Lodge, Binfield

Hugh Lake, living in Camden Town is trying to find information on his Great, Great Grandparents, George and Caroline Lake. He knows that his great, great grandfather's tombstone is situated at All Saints churchyard. They died in the 1870s and the tombstone is described as a pointed, cask-like stone laid by the path on the right of the main path and to the right of the entrance from the side lane. The tombstone states that GLENARK LODGE was their house in Binfield, perhaps now pulled down.

If anyone can help Hugh with his quest, he would be most grateful. Email:

Kathleen Edith Beatrice Priest, Born at Murrellhill Farm, Binfield

I am trying (just starting really) to research some of my ancestry. My Maternal Grandmother's family name was Priest. I know them really through my Great Grandfather being the dairy herdsman on the Chilton Foliat estate, which was the location for the `Victorian Kitchen Garden' programme in the late 1980's / early 1990's.

I have been trying to locate the birthplace of my Grandmother and have, today, received a copy of the certificate from the general registry office at Southport and the details show that she was born at MURRELLHILL FARM at Binfield.

Her name was Kathleen Edith Beatrice Priest. Her parents were Henry Priest and Henrietta Maria Priest (nee Stone). Henry was a `Stockman' on Murrell Hill Farm at the time of Kathleen's birth (06.03.1913) but, sometime after 1913 they moved on to the Chilton Foliat estate, near Leverton (Hungerford). There were 4 other children in the Priest family (Ivy, Claude, Ivor and Jean) although I am not sure which order they came in, nor whether they were born before or after the move from Binfield to Chilton Foliat.

If there is anybody there (with an interest in genealogy) who can shed light on either the Priest or Stone family? I cannot see Henry or Henrietta's details in the IGI website, even though they should have been old enough to feature. My email address is

Browne of Binfield

I am writing a biography of Browne, who lived in Binfield from the early 1860s until his death in 1894. He built Moor Close, now part of Newbold College, and was a churchwarden for many years. He had previously lived in Sydney Australia for more than 20 years where he was a senior colonial civil servant. I would appreciate hearing from any Binfield local historian who may have knowledge of Browne, All Saints Church or Moor Close - I have built up a substantial amount of data on him that I am happy to share. Bob Williams Sydney, Australia. Email

Up-dating my earlier notice about Browne of Binfield. His name was Hutchinson Hothersall Browne, he settled in Binfield on his return from Australia, was a churchwarden and a Justice of the Peace. He died in 1894. I am writing his biography and would would like to hear from anyone with any information about him or his house Moor Close Binfield, now Newbold College, owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Researching the Miller Family, Can you help?

I am researching the Miller family, William and Daniel (brothers) who were farmers/smiths/farriers. In the Census their addresses were Stevens Farm and Morecroft Farm. I would be interested to know if either of these farms still exist or if anyone has any information on the Miller family. Thanks in anticipation. Hilary Wild. email -

Help needed for research

I am researching a man for a history project in Australia. He was the immigration agent in Sydney in the 1840s-1861 when he returned to England. Last Sunday in the pouring rain I came looking for Binfield cemeteries to try and find him. The story is - Hutchinson Hothersall Browne died in 1897 and was buried with his wife, according to an account we have, in St Martins Cemetery, Binfield. I am aware that there is now no such place but wonder if you know or can direct me to anyone who does. He and is wife also lived at Moor Close which I am aware is now owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church but I have not contacted them either to see if they know of any history of the place. I spent a day the Society of Genelogists in London but there were no clues to Hutchinson Hothersall Browne or Moor Close that come up there either. I just need a lead and would be very grateful if you could assist. Most sincerely. (Mrs) Perry McIntyre - email address:

Looking for information on the Neate Family

We have been contacted by David Bridgwater who is researching the family history of Thomas Neate (1740 - 1825) of Binfield. His wife was Charlotte Seward who he married in 1771. Can anyone help. David's email address is, please contact him if you have any information.

Looking for information on the Neive Hill Family

A lady by the name of Joanna was recently looking through a family photograph album at her aunt's home and found a photograph of her Great Great Grandfather Neive Hill at their home, which was Binfield Place. The Neive Hills would have lived there in the 1800s/early 1900s. Joanna would like to confirm the dates they were living there and obtain any other history anyone may have. Joanna thought Binfield Place looked fascinating and hopes tovisit it one day. If any one can help at all, her e-mail address is

Can Any one Help Me Please?

Perhaps you may be able to assist me in tracing details of my Fatherís family history, or direct me in the right direction. As I am trying to find out some details of my Great Grandfather and maybe his father also. My fatherís name was Clarence Jack Jones born at 3 Dunley Villas, Forest Road, Binfield on the 6th January 1908. My motherís name is Joan Ellen Branch born at Camberwell, London on the 13th July 1916. My father & mother were married at All Saints Church, Binfield on the 8th December 1945. His fatherís name was George Jones (date of birth unknown) he lived at 3 Dunley Villas and worked at a Butcherís Shop in Forest Road, Binfield. His wifeís name was Rose Ena Dyer born in Somerset (date unknown) They were married at the Parish Church, Stoke-sub-Hamdon; Somerset on the 16th July 1900. His fatherís name was Henry Jones (date of birth unknown) he was a Bricklayer and I believe he also lived all his life in Binfield. His wife unknown. I believe that my fatherís family had lived in 3 Dunley Villas, Forest Road, Binfield, for several generations. I would be very grateful for any assistance you can offer. I donít live very far away (Southall) and I am quite prepared to spend time going through any old Church or other records.

I will be very grateful of anyone's assistance. As a matter of interest, when born I was named Peter Antony Jones, but changed it ten years ago to Saeed Ahmad Jones.

email: if you can help

Look for information on James Fletcher

Email dated 7.7.03.

I was delighted to find a website for Binfield and your offer for genealogical assistance. Our family tradition says my greatgrandfather, James Fletcher, was born in Redding, England. I cannot find a Redding, England, in my atlas (admittedly rather limited). However, I have found in the 1881 census a James Fletcher who was born in Binfield the year I think my greatgrandfather was born. I also see that Binfield is in Berkshire where there is also a town called Reading. Is is possible that Redding and Reading could be the same? Also, is it possible Binfield is near Redding or Reading? Thank you for any assistance you are able to give me. Caralee Arendt Aldergrove (near Vancouver), B.C., Canada

Email dated 10.7.03.

Thank you very much for your response to my email. As I was originally enquiring only about the proximity of Reading to Binfield, I didn't give much detail. But since you indicated a willingness to pursue the research, the details I know are as follows and are, for the most part, from the 1881 Census. My greatgrandfather was James William Fletcher, born October 14, 1858, in Binfield, Berkshire. His father was William Fletcher, born in 1819 in Binfield, and his mother was Elizabeth, born in 1827 in Binfield. At the time of the census they were living near Billingbear Park in or near Binfield. James emigrated to Canada about 1884 and met his wife (who was also from England) in Canada.

email: if you have any information.

In search of birth date of Harry William Holloway

I am hoping you might be able to help me. We are trying to find out what the date of my grandfathers birth is, so that my father can have a memorial stone put on his grave (hopefully we have now found that) but he wants to put the exact birth date on. We traced his address from the census registry and it said he was born in Binfield it would be (we think!) 1886-87. His name is Harry William Holloway. His parents names are Harry William Holloway (Snr) and Ellen Holloway. no address in Binfield I'm afraid. Any help would be appreciated or if you can point me in the correct direction that would help too.



Johnson Family Tree

Dear Binfield residents

Re: Family Tree George Johnson and Elizabeth Johnson

I am also looking into my family history. I have found that George Johnson was born in Binfield in 1788 and died in 1840 in Binfield. He was married to Elizabeth , who was born in Hurst, Berkshire in 1786 and died in Binfield in 1863. Their son Francis Johnson was born in Binfield in 1818 and married Hannah and lived inWinkfield in 1851 with 3 children.Hannah was born in Warfield in 1814. Her mother and father were John and Elizabeth. Can anyone help me any further in my search.

Regards Lesley Jones

Shadrack Elmes

I am new to genaelogy.I am trying to find information relating to Shadrack Elmes who was married to Mary Tripp. Mary died in 1863 in Martins Cottages in Binfield. Shadrack senior died before his last son Shadrack was born in 1853 in Binfield. I can find no information on Shadrack senior, where or when he died. He was a gardener and coachman and Mary was a domestic servant. Can any one help. Regards Ann Ellmes

Follow up email dated 27 April 2004.

I have found Shadrackís grave in Binfield All Saints Church along with his mother Martha. I have also found James and Unity and Rose Elmes at the cemetery. I have not found Maryís grave even though I know she is buried at All Saints Church or the cemetery on 3/1/1887 aged 70 years. Do you know where I can find information relating to burials in Binfield? Also looking for Martins cottage where she died.

Regards Ann Ellmes.

Henry Haines

I am trying to find details of a Henry Haines who lived in the dwelling Called CEMETRY, BINFIELD... He was a Gardener/Domestic in 1901, he was 55 years old. He was married to a lady called Elizabeth and had several children including ALBERT HAINES who was 17 years old and was my Granfather. I have looked at the Ordinance survey map for CEMETRY but, cannot find anything, can anyone please help???? Many thanks Jan{NEE HAINES}

Alfred Watts

I was so thrilled to find your web-site.I am researching my g-g-g-grandfathers life in Binfield.I have reason to believe he was the publican of the THE ROYAL STANDARD.and he died in Binfield in 1882 approx.I have on record that he was buried in the churchard of All Saints close to the lych gate.His name was ALFRED WATTS born 1828 and his wife was called EUPHEMIA.

Thank you Betty Crisp

Caswall from Binfield?

I am attaching a scan of a watercolour painting I bought in England about 25 years ago. I have been interested to find some background for the artist

A label on the back reads "Miss Edith E Caswall, Blewbury, Near Sidcot(?), Herts. There was also a later address of "5 Norfolk Mansions, Battersea Park, London".

It seems that the picture was entered at an art show, gained "10 votes" and was originally priced at 1 guinea.

I was wondering if this was the Edith Caswall connected with the Binfield Estate? If anyone can give me some information I would be very grateful.

Geoff Ingram - Melbourne Australia.

Cotterell or Searle

I am descended from John Cotterell born Binfield 1825. He married Ellen Searle whose relations lived in Winkfield.

Are there any Cotterell or Searle descendants still living in the area, also Warfield?

Leigh Prideaux Carrum, Victoria, Australia


John Sargeant (Binfield) - Bowyer (Warfield)

I need help with information on John Sargeant who was the Publican and Baker of "The Jolly Farmer" public house Binfield on the 1861, 1871 & 1881 census's. He was born in Reading c1811 and was married to Elizabeth ? in 1881. I do not know of his death or where he is buried - could it be in Binfield? His daughter Ellen Sargeant was born in Binfield 10 Feb 1855, she was my gt grandmother and married Thomas Bowyer of Warfield. She was the mother of Slough's first and charter mayor Edward Thomas (ET) Bowyer. Her mother was Sarah Horwood - John's first wife.

Does anyone have any family history of this family? John had other children by Sarah but I know nothing of her yet. I have the names of the other children if there is an interest in this family.

Margaret Guest

Abraham Newland

I should be very grateful for any information regarding the descendants of Abraham Newland born circa 1840. He was a bricklayer who lived on Terrace Road, and his family were local to Binfield.

Marilyn Hall (nee-Newland)

Cousins / Couzins Family

I would be grateful if anybody has any information on the Cousins family who lived in Binfield for at leasy 60 years to my knowlege, Joseph Cousins the patriach died at the Terrace there in 1897 after working as a gardener for a local large house (don't know which) his wife Mary Ann fell down a well and died in 1877. Their son William (my G grandfather) born in the town in 1840 left to go into service in Teddington. He had 3 brother and 3 sisters to my knowledge. 2nd son John I assume must have died fairly young. I can only find him aged 8 in 1851. 3rd son Thomas (b1845) was still there with his family in 1881 but I can find nothing further of him. Joseph went into service in Brighton. If any one has an further knowledge or connection I wold be thilled to hear from them.

Dowling / Carter Family

I am trying to locate history on Louisa Dowling christened 10/07/1831 Binfield who married Charles Carter around 1850-54. A son was born 1854? called Edward who was my great grandfather who came to Queensland 1874. Louisa married Hercules or Richard Wright 6/05/1865 in Warfield. They had a son William born 1855 in Halifax Canada.I am trying to find out information on Edward's birth and Louisa's marriage to Charles Carter.

Thanking you Valerie

Apsey Family

My family name is APSEY. my 3 x great grandfather George Apsey was the miller/millwright at Amen Corner ,Binfield circa 1840 - 1850. My 2 x great grandfather Joseph Apsey (son of George) was the miller/millwright at the same mill from 1850 - 1854. Binfield has 2 roads named after my family I think. Apsey Court and a Benning Way. My 3 x great grandfather Richard Benning was a farmer at Ashbridge Farm circa 1876. Also his son Mark at Kings Farm. Any information on all the above would be much appreciated.


Janice Hill


Rowland Edward Fielder

I have been researching my family line of Fielders who originated from Binfield without a great deal of success apart from a couple of census findings. Then low and behold I found Rowland Edward Fielder on your web site, chances are he may be my 3rd great grandfather.

My Rowland Edward Fielder was born the parish of Cookham, Maidenhead, on the 23rd of April 1796. How I know this was my elderly Aunt had an old family bible belonging to her father Herbert Bowles, his mother was Mary Ann Fielder/Bowles/ and then Long of Binfield 1859 - 1905 this bible states: This family Bible was bought by John Fielder (father of Edward Fielder) in the year 1772 with a guinea found in the Town of Maidenhead.

Edward Fielder along with the names and dates of birth of his children are recorded in this bible. If there are any Fielders researching the same line as myself I would love to hear from them.

Janice Brady

Binfield (2)

You will note from my name an obvious interest in the village of Binfield. I live in Shropshire; this area has been home to a large clan of Binfields over the years although the numbers of males to carry on the name has dwindled with changes in society from both reduced family sizes and couples choosing not to marry.

I would also appreciate any directions to sites where the history of Binfield and people of the same name can be found.

Best regards Geoff Binfield.


Wright family

I am researching the Wright family. Louisa Dowling c10/07/1831 Binfield married Charles Carter unknown date. She married Hercules Wright 6/05/1865 in Warfield under the name Carter. I have located her to the 1901 cencus at age 70 yrs but can't find where she died. She also had a son Esau George Carter c1864 but Charles died Oct 1856. He married 18/08/1864 Easthampstead Emma Dowling Louisa's brother's daughter. Has anyone any information that could help?

Thanking you Valerie


Morris family family

My name is Helen Edwards and I live in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia and I am compiling my mother's family history. I am trying to find any information on a Morris family who lived in Binfield in the 1700s. James Morris b. 1710-1762 son of Thomas and Jane nee Glover. They had 3 sons, Thomas 1757, John 1759 and James. James enlisted in the N.S.W. Corps in 1789 and came out to Australia in 1789. His mother, Jane, was the daughter of Abraham and Jane Glover. Jane was born 16-8-1741 and sister Elizabeth b. 25-3-1739. Thomas Morris was born in Binfield on 12-12-1734, and married Jane Glover on 29-9-1756 at Shinfield. His parents were Richard and Mary Morris. Who I know nothing about. I would appreciate any information on the Morris and/or Glover families. Thanking you, Helen.


John Swain(e)

My name is Mike Swain and I live in the States in Tampa, Florida. I've been searching for my ancestor John Swaine. Info that I've acquired from the Shelbourne County Genealogy Society in Nova Scotia, Canada has his birth "about" 1574 in Binfield, Berkshire, England. But it seems to stop there. No record that I can find of his parents. He married Ann Trumbull (born 1578 in Skipton, Yorkshire) about 1592 or 1594. Their son Richard was borne in Roley, Derbyshire 15 September 1593. I've been able to go back 2 more generations on Ann Trumbull's side of the family (residing in Skipton,Yorkshire) If you have access to any information that might help with regard to John Swaine, please reply to my home at: Certainly appreciate your help, Many Thanks, Mike


James Elmes

I am trying to find information on James Elmes married to Unity, surname unknown. On the 1891 census they lived at Victoria Arms, James was a Publican. Do the pubs keep records of the people they employ? I know they are both buried in Binfield in the overflow cemetery attached to All Saints Church. I hope you can help as I have been unable to find any other information about them.
Regards Ann Ellmes


James Rides

I have been researching my family tree for quite some time now and am stuck ay Binfield. My Great Great Great Grandfather James Rides was born in Binfield in 1808 and married Harriet Coleman also in Binfield. Any help in pointing me in the right direction to find out more would be greatly appreciated. Eileen Braywood nee Rides.


Joseph Butler

I am researching my husband's family history and wondered if you would be able to help at all. He is descended from Joseph BUTLER who was born in Binfield around 1811. Joseph's parents were John and Elizabeth Butler, and I believe the family were all carpenters. Thank you for any help you may be able to give me regarding siblings.
Vivienne Butler.


Hill Family

I am researching a Hill family that was in Binfield in the early 1600's. Father was William, sons Ralph, Frances, Richard, William. If anyone has any information on them, I would be very interested. I am also trying to find an area where they owned land in Binfield. The document mentions Buckhurste Close, Buckhurste, the highway leading from Wokingham towards Brackenhall and the highway leading from Wokingham towards Windsor. I can find no informtion of Buckhurst or Brackenhall. Thank You.


Forest Family

I was very pleased to find your site and would appreciate any help with research on my husband's ancestors - the Forrest Family of Binfield, Berkshire. Haughton Forrest (came to Australia in 1876) was a son of Thomas Arthur Forrest and great-grandson of Admiral Arthur Forrest of the Royal Navy. Research from a book at the State Library in Melbourne, Australia shows that the Forrest Family lived at Forest Lodge in Berkshire yet when I have tried to research Forest Lodge I find that Forest Lodge was owned by Col. Studholm Hodgson. This information has been found on the Royal Berkshire History site. Any help would be much appreciated.
Jennifer Forrest


White Family

My Hampshire family of Whites had holdings in the 1400ís and or 1500ís in Binfield as per Sir John White, son of Robert White of Farnham, Surrey, b. 1371 in Yateley, Hantsóall such holdings likely additions to baronial land grants by Wm. I to Otho, his baron. Would you have any record of such info.?, also a photo of the oldest site(s) of Binfield? Any help gratefully appreciated,
John White


Benjamin Crockford

I am trying to find whether my 3x great grandfather Benjamin Crockford was actually buried at Binfield. He drowned in the Serpentine Hyde Park on 27th Sept. 1867 But I don't know how this happened or if he was brought back to Berkshire to be buried. His wife died in 1864 & was buried 13th Oct 1864 in Binfield. On the 1851 census Benjamin and two of his brothers lived next to each other in Westley Mill Lane and I know that at the time of Benjamin's death his brother William was still leasing Yates Farm of Westley Mill Lane. If you could shed any light on his demise or his burial place... or indeed if it was recorded in the local tabloids of the day I would be very interested. Looking forward to your reply.
Kirstin Walden Crockford.


The Wise Family

In the 1841 census William Wise and his family were living at Westly Mills Binfield? White Waltham? They were still there in the 1851 census and there appeared to be a few other families living at Westley Mills. Do you have any information? I want to know more about their way of living and the area. My prime interest is to find the birth place and the date of birth for GEORGE WISE father of William. He married ELIZABETH KENTFIELD 20 October 1801 in Winkfield and Elizabeth was born in Warfield. He lived at Popes Farm and at some time owned a cottage and small piece of land at Braywoodside I believe both are fairly near to Binfield. He died in the mid 1840's.



Allanbay / Binfield Lodge -WW2

Good afternoon. I am so delighted to have found this website. I am researching my family history, and I hope that I may be able to solve my WW2 query through this email. During the war my sister and I were evacuated from London to a big house in Berkshire. We have thought all along that it was called 'Allanbay'. However I now find that it could possibly have been called 'Binfield Lodge'. I am anxious to find out much more about these two places. Was Allanbay where the house was? Was it Binfield Lodge?, and is there somewhere that I could pursue my enquiries. Any help would be wonderful. Many thanks,

Madeleine Berks.



Please excuse me for answering your query on my wife's behalf, but I am Binfield born and bred and know a little more of the history of the village than her. There is indeed in Binfield an "Allanbay Park". Not so much a "big house" as a huge country mansion. It belongs to Major Wills, a cousin of the Queen, and a member of the Wills tobacco family. It includes a large estate. I'm afraid I don't know if the house was in his family during the war years. Unfortunately I can't state that this is where you stayed, because there are three Binfield Lodges. One is indeed a large house ( right across the road from the church ) whilst the other two are smaller, though substantial, buildings. If you can remember anything about the immediate surroundings of the house I may be able to help more. Road junctions etc. ( For instance the entrance to Allanbay is on a road junction, and you pass through the farmyard on route to the house. Although of the post war generations myself, I know those who are not, and any more information you can give me, I can pass on. Regards

Follow up response:

I happened to notice an enquiry about Allanbay in your ancestral section. Allanbay was bought by the Wills's off my Grandfather, General Sir Robert Sturges in or around 1947 having already sold a local-ish house called Barkham Square which I gather is not so far away. I think that Allanbay was inherited by him (his elder brother having died in WW1) and the other his wife, a Wiggett. I understand his father was Chair of Wokingham Council previously so presumably Allanbay was the family house. In reference to a previous enquiry I can confirm that many evacuees did stay at Allanbay during WW2 while my grandmother working in a munitions factory in London & my father and aunt were away at school. Hope this is helpful.

Robert Sturges.


Neville Family

I am researching my family history and wonder whether anyone can give me any information about the Nevilles who moved to the village around the turn of the century.

My father was Robert Neville, always known as Bob, a parish councilor and General Secretary of the Royal Berkshire Friendly Society. One of his sisters, Gladys, was a teacher at All Saints Primary School. My grandfather, coachman to Sir Robert Wilmott, died in 1905, from blood poisoning following a minor accident with a stag, a few months before my Father was born.

Neither my Father, who died in 1958, when I was 10, or his sisters, would ever talk about their childhood or their Mother so I have very little information and would very much like to fill in the blanks. I’m sure that Lillian Annie Neville must have had a pretty hard time of it. Presumably they were in tied accommodation and would have had to move quite apart from finding an income to keep the family going.

If anyone has any information about any of the family I would be very grateful.

Marion Marriott


April Cottage

I wonder if you can help us. We are looking into the history of our cottage which appears to date back to the 17th century. We are situated about 500 yards behind the Victoria Arms:

April Cottage
Red Rose

We are attached to another cottage called Rainbow cottage. Do you know of anyone I can contact who may be able to help us?



Can anyone tell me if there is a picture/photo of the blacksmiths that was run/owned by William Miller. I have a quote from a book called "recollections of Binfield" and it would seem it would have been on a corner by Wicks Green.

Thanks in anticipation

Hilary Wild - Sussex


Rathmore, Binfield Park

In researching 'missing years' in my Family History, I have learnt from my father's WW1 Army Service Record that he recorded his next-of-kin as his (widowed) mother with an address of "Rathmore, Binfield Park, Bracknell".

The very helpful website if Binfield OnLine identifies 'Binfield Park' as an 'employer'. I also glean that "Mrs Vlasto had in the region of 30 servants".

It is highly probable that my grandmother would have been one of these, and possibly her daughter (my late Aunt) also.

I enquire if there may be any staff records relating to Binfielld Park which are still extant, particularly for the period 1901-1915. (The release of the 1911 Census seems a long way off !!)

Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated.


John Howick (formerly Honicke)